Project Status

LADOTD and the project team identified alternatives for the project to meet the purpose and need for the project. These alternatives are preliminary and have been developed after various stages of development and refinement. Presented at the August 3, 2017 public meeting, these included:

  • No Build Alternative that would require extensive rehabilitation of the bridge to keep it operational long-term[1]
  • Preliminary Build Alternatives (PBA) in combination with several sub-alternatives to address access to the interstate from the Sampson Street interchange
  • Transportation System Management Alternative[2]
  • Transportation Demand Management Alternative[2]
  • High Occupancy Vehicle Alternative[2]

The project compared the No Build and the PBAs combined with sub-alternatives across a set of project objectives screening criteria.

Comments provided by the public and agencies at and after the August 2017 public meeting and responses to them have been documented in the Public Involvement Summary Report.

After the meeting, LADOTD considered comments from officials and citizens of Westlake regarding access issues at the Sampson Street interchange that are complicated by the at-grade crossings of the railroads. Consequently, a new PBA has been developed to address Westlake’s stated concerns. This PBA, now designated PBA 5-G, will be presented at the next public meeting to be held in early 2019. At this meeting, the public will be able to compare the impacts from this PBA—which would include closure of the Sampson Street interchange to traffic during most of the construction period—with the impacts from previously presented alternatives.

[1] It was determined after the initial screening of alternatives that the No Build Alternative would not meet the purpose and need for the project, but it would be retained in the EIS as a baseline condition for comparison of the proposed project alternatives.

[2] Eliminated from further consideration because it does not meet the purpose and need for the project.

Public Meeting #3 was held in Westlake on April 25, 2019 to present Preliminary Build Alternative (PBA) 5-G, which was developed by LADOTD in response to comments received after the public meeting held in August 2017. PBA 5-G proposes a fully directional interchange at Sampson Street in Westlake. Details of this meeting and the information presented can be viewed on the Public and Agency Meetings page.